Two major ways I use to create value and share

Two major ways I use to create value and share

Before I dive into my long sharing path, I want to give a little introduction on how I organize my blog and help you easily follow through the information I am sharing here.

I plan to divide the information into 2 main categories:

– Ways to make money:  ideas to earn extra income and also how you can possibly turn these ideas into serious business

–  Ways to save expenses: my favorite part of this is to keep improving efficiency of life. I find this can be an addiction sometimes, so it’s a never ending improvement

More importantly, I encourage all of you to share on my blog by entering your comments. Remember you are creating value here, so any tiny little bit will be appreciated.

For the next little while, I will focus on selling products on Ebay for generating income and shopping in United States  for reducing expenses.

Great things are coming up, so stay tuned!

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