Make money monthly on Ebay is not a mission impossible

Make money monthly on Ebay is not a mission impossible

Many people publish their comments online saying that making money on a monthly basis from ebay is a mission impossible. Most of them focus on high service charges from ebay and paypal, expensive shipping cost through post services, low discount wholesalers, to name a few.

In September 2012, I am going to write a good amount of posts to share my personal experiences on how to make regular income from ebay by using drop shipping. Hopefully my idea can give people who always want to make extra monthly income or live a better life some hint and I wish all of you good luck with this new journey on ebay.

To start, here is my own story:
I woke up a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in October 2004 and tried to find another hot idea on making regular monthly income from the Internet and luckily the website called ebay caused my attention. It did not take me very long to register an ebay account and paypal account and to start selling a toy I brought from China…

Not too long after that I partnered up with one of my best friends from university, who was living in Toronto at the time. He had good suppliers and good products in hand, so I was acting as a sale manager selling his products on ebay. My daily duty was to communicate with customers to help them with questions, follow-ups on purchases, etc., and process orders through ebay, which only took me about 1.5 hours. I did not need to worry anything about packages or postages as all of the shipping and handling was controlled by my friend back east. Life was so good and in my best months, I literally doubled my income (I did have a regular job at the time).

However as my friend was such a good business man and Canada did not offer enough business opportunities for him to grow, he left Canada and went back to China (He came to Canada from China as an international student) in year 2006 and my partnership with him was ended and I started a new day job in early year 2007.

Since then I tried different suppliers locally and also from mainland China, but never had any smooth business relationship and started giving up on my business dream.

Life is so boring all the way till late 2009. During Christmas season, I came across a good idea to sell a good product on ebay. With 15 minutes of my time everyday, I was able to earn $200-$300 per month. “Not too bad”, I was telling myself, however because of the nature of this particular product, my profit only lasted about 1 year.

Year 2010 eventually was the year I started changing my life again and I learned a new tool called drop shipping and it worked perfectly along with my busy schedule at work. It did require some hard work upfront. Overall, I think it worth my time.

Today it helps me quit my regular job and keeps generating $1200 – 1500 monthly income for me. Combining it with other income from my second core business with my business partner, I quit my regular job and I am able to live my passion every day. And I realize that the real fun life has just begun…


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