It is a trade

It is a trade

It is a trade. What do I mean by that? Well, there is absolutely no magic when talking about earning extra income from ebay and it is also 100% true for any type of business. There is a thing called “get rich quick”, but it does not mean “get rich easy”. You need to work really really hard in order to build up on your wealth if you want to have it done in a relatively short time.

There are two important resources in your life, time and money. When you are young and energetic, most likely you do not have a very strong financial foundation unless you have a rich Dad (or rich Mom maybe), but what you get is tons of time. Tons of them! In order to earn more money, you need to make a commitment to trade your time for money. Once you are wealthy enough to live a life with financial freedom, you can pay other kids to do the jobs for you, in that case, you trade your money for more time to spend with your family.

Please notice though, time is not renewable but money is. There are countless of ways to make more money, but there is no such type of drug you can take to make you one day younger.

If you are reading my blog, there is good chance you want to live your true passion, so all I can tell you and can not tell enough is take action now!!!

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