I have not written any blog post recently, so people might wonder what Sibo is up to these days. Well today I want to give a little update for the last one month or so. My dad came over around to Canada around 20th of October. As he has not been here in Canada since I moved from here from China 13 years ago, I feel like an obligation to show him around. He is only here in Vancouver for 2 days because it was a business trip, so I was busy driving for 2 days.   I went to China and joined Canton Fair late October and early November. The fair has over 50 years history, but as the relationship between China and Japan is going not so well recently, the fair is a little slower than usual. It was a good thing for me as a newbie to it though because not SO many people were there, I can still walk around there slowly.  I checked out some sections such as Toys, Home Decorations and Outdoor Sports. Even I missed the section for electronic products, overall I still think the trip work money and time.

For more information about Canton Fair, please go their official website, http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/