US saving money trip No.1

These days gas price are skyrocketing and I often heard friends talking about the affordability of driving. I personally go to U.S. quite frequently, so I want to share a little bit of my experience to save money by travelling to U.S.

My saving tip #1 is about gas:

Let’s look at some numbers I was running today for my today’s trip to U.S. (Information is based on Aug 21, 2012)

Amount of Gas (L)


Price in Canada (/L)


Price in US. (/GAL)


Trip (KM)


1 USD = ? CAD



So here comes my calculations:

Cost in Canada



Cost in US



Trip Cost



Total Savings





As you can see, not big savings, however let’s run some “big” numbers for some SUVs and trucks (I don’t know for some reason, my SUV only has a 45L tank)

Amount of Gas (L)

Total Savings (CAD)








The savings is getting more significant when you have a bigger gas tank. Not too many people will travel to US only because of gas and this is a good portion of your whole savings plan.

There is one more things I want to add here:

– Please be aware:

DON’T go to the gas station that is the closest to the custom building and this is why (These are pictures I took during my trip today to Blaine WA)

The closest gas station to the custom building

The other one down the road

I am pretty sure you see the difference, so watch out!

This particular post will benefit those of you who are living close to the border of U.S. and Canada, however the purpose of this post is to open your mind and help you think out of the box…

Two major ways I use to create value and share

Before I dive into my long sharing path, I want to give a little introduction on how I organize my blog and help you easily follow through the information I am sharing here.

I plan to divide the information into 2 main categories:

– Ways to make money:  ideas to earn extra income and also how you can possibly turn these ideas into serious business

–  Ways to save expenses: my favorite part of this is to keep improving efficiency of life. I find this can be an addiction sometimes, so it’s a never ending improvement

More importantly, I encourage all of you to share on my blog by entering your comments. Remember you are creating value here, so any tiny little bit will be appreciated.

For the next little while, I will focus on selling products on Ebay for generating income and shopping in United States  for reducing expenses.

Great things are coming up, so stay tuned!

Why do I share – my true passion

Why do I share?

To make the world a better place to live, I am doing my best every day. In my humble opinion, every tiny little bit counts. I wish all of us, including you and me live a better life!

How long do I want to be alive? Well, I want to be alive forever as long as:

  1. I am stilling creating value
  2. I am still sharing

Unfortunately my life is limited, but the fortunate part is the value I create becomes unlimited since I am sharing.

What is my true passion?

To help you reach your goals by sharing my own experiences. You can learn from my success and avoid the errors I made in the past. After studying mathematics/statistics and working in financial industry as an investment adviser, I am willing to share my experiences on making extra income and saving extra expenses.

How do I share?

Using the Internet: today it has never been easier to share my value by employing the fantastic power of the Internet. To share with anyone living anywhere in the world – this meaningful job keeps me motivated and inspired every day!

A brand new start

Hello, everyone. I would like to start this blog with a little introduction of myself.

My name is Sibo, a 33 years’ old Chinese guy currently living in Surrey, BC Canada who is trying to make a living online. With all the supports from my wife and my big boy (My son is 5 years’ old), I am cashing in my passion very single day!

To start this blog is where my true passion really begins. With this blog, I want to share the value I created online and also in real life to all my readers – mainly my knowledge and experiences. I truly believe this is the best way to make my value unlimited.

By the end of the day, if my wins and failures can help you find your true passion, I am very glad I shared.

Lastly, what I want to make very clear is I am not here to share a “get rich quick” way because that is not my approach as a big believer of hard work. All the ways I am using to earn incomes are relatively for long term with lots of hard work up front.Bottom of Form

Thank you for taking your time to read about me, and I hope to hear from you in the near future.